Travel Services

Cruise, Package, Air, Car & Hotel Bookings

Whether you are booking a Cruise, Package Vacation, or single airline ticket, our approach is the same, No service fees or mark-ups, and agency commissions are rebated to you off the price or through our Escape Dollar program. As a consequence, our service representatives are motivated by how well they serve our members and not how much they sell! We refer to this as our "Travel at Cost" approach and its how we can guarantee you 'members only' savings on virtually every form of travel. Our agency is fully accredited and bonded by the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and is able to provide the Club's with a comprehensive range of travel services. Additionally, Advantage Travel is affiated with the major travel agency regulating bodies including the International Airline Travel Agent Network (IATAN), Cruise Line International Association (LIA) and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). As part of the Ensemble Travel consortium group that consolidates the buying power of more than 1900 travel agencies, the Club is able to further leverage its inherent buying power into incredible values and savings for the membership.

Our “Travel at Cost” approach means you always save

No service fees, markups, or advertising cost added

Commissions discounted and rebated

Club-based buying power

Group Rates to ensure price protection in uncertain markets

Unbeatable Loyalty Program with Escape Dollars

Value Driven, Not Commission Driven Satisfaction Guarantees